Luita from Hongkong

"We feel better equipped to deal with life with our newborn and Annette has left us with a deeper understanding of our baby."

Angelina from Italy

"I have contacted Annette as a lactation consultant when my baby daughter was born. She has been extremely helpful after I developed problems with breastfeeding providing me with precious advice and emotional support.


Annette’s reassurance throughout her visits kept me going to regain confidence in my ability to feed my baby as good as possible. My baby is now growing nicely and appear as a happy baby.


At all times I have found Annette to be reliable, dependable and conscientious."

Vanessa from South Africa

"Annette has an impeccable knowledge of the care and needs of babies and showed a high degree of professionalism at all time."

L&G from Moscow

 "We met Annette before the birth of our first baby to get organised in advance to have a smooth post birth experience and to work with us as a maternity nurse and lactation consultant. She arrived on day three after our first very stressful night at home on our own and her presence came as a huge relief.


She was very reassuring, helped us quickly learn the basics of baby care and set things up in our home in an efficient and baby friendly way, something the book’s can’t help you with. I experienced various problems with breastfeeding and expressing and Annette’s experience and vast knowledge helped me gradually to overcome these challenging issues and improving my breastfeeding relationship with my baby.


We both very much appreciated Annette’s humorous and easy going approach to us often tired and exhausted parents getting to know our baby in the first weeks. She also very kindly and carefully looked after me to cope with the daily feeding/expressing marathon and to take a catnap whenever possible. Annette’s presence provided reassurance to my husband upon his return to work. Because of the nature of his work he spend a lot of time overseas and to know that our baby and I had additional support was very comforting for him.


Annette’s help was absolute invaluable for us, becoming much happier and confident parents with a happy and settled baby."

Satbir from India

"We were pleasantly surprised by Annette’s background, expertise, dedication and general personality."

Mecah from Australia

"I called Annette from A&E when my baby was jaundiced and dehydrated and I needed help and breastfeeding support. Every hospital and home visiting midwife had different advice and after a long labour and serous sleep deprivation was feeling very much like a failure for not being able to feed my baby who was having trouble latching and as such was feeding for very long time.


Annette was a total life saver – a real beacon of calm and so reassuring and positive with a wonderfully kind manner. One week on our baby has gained one pound and has now his birth weight – all on breast milk."