"AnnetteEliza is the right one, an excellent medical trained breastfeeding consultant" 


Julia, Doula from Berlin 

"I had the opportunity to receive support from the lovely AnnetteEliza. She is kind, caring and so full of milky wisdom.


She spent 2 hours with my daughter and I in our home looking at her latch and talking about food and sleep - she truly felt like a  breath of fresh air after an arduous few months of not being listened to by several health professionals.


I'd highly recommend her to any mums who plan to breastfeed and to anyone struggling. I wish I had contacted her months ago to save my face from some new wrinkles and my head from some new grey's."


Catherine W. from Berlin

"I would highly recommend AnnetteEliza, she was a massive help to me and our family after C-section and a lot of difficulty breastfeeding."


Stephanie T. from Berlin

"A while ago, I was looking for a recommendation for breastfeeding / Lactation Consultant and found recommendations for AnnetteEliza Sawatzki in the group. This recommendation was truly a blessing in the sky.As I am sure many new mothers are struggling with breastfeeding. Germany may be a country where breastfeeding is a national priority but, they sure don't have a proper support system to help and guide you through it. This is where Annette comes in: A professional, well experienced and super friendly lady, who just knows what she is talking about. She is a game changer!"


Zoe L. from Berlin

"Annette is experienced in identifying tongue tie."


Anja W. from Berlin

"A breastfeeding consultant on hand if things getting a little tough, AnnetteEliza is great"


Shanay, Doula from Berlin

"I have contacted Annette as a lactation consultant when my baby daughter was born. She has been extremely helpful after I developed problems with breastfeeding providing me with precious advice and emotional support.


Annette’s reassurance throughout her visits kept me going to regain confidence in my ability to feed my baby as good as possible. My baby is now growing nicely and appear as a happy baby.


At all times I have found Annette to be reliable, dependable and conscientious."


Angelina from London